Finding a best suited memory

i need 4gb (2x2) sticks i don't know a lot about a ram but which one of these would be good the ram has to be $130 or cheaper
and i have this motherboard
MSI 870A-G54

these are the ram i picked but suggestions are welcomed

Will my motherboard work with 1600mhz ram it says it will but when i bought the parts the guy gave me 1333mhz ddr3 so i am not sure

the reason why i picked these is because frys is my local store and so i can return them and not have to wait for the shipping
but any other sites are welcomed specially amazon
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  1. Check thse out... GREAT PRICE and they actaully have really good specs too
    I think they're on clearance at that price b/c of how ugly they are... lol, but wouldnt bother me at half price
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