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I bought a HP Compaq from best buy months back and have since taken the hard drive out and am using it with my current setup. I wanted to take this HP computer and put a older hard drive in it. This older hard drive is an IDE drive and the board was using a SATA drive. I plug everything in and when I turn the computer on I get nothing. I'm not sure if I should put the hard drive back into the older computer that everything worked fine with 10 minutes before swapping, to install the new MB drivers. Maybe it is booting and I just can't tell but the monitor is plugged directly into the board and nothing is happening. I'm not sure if the computer is not turning on at all or if I just can't see it. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. First off go through the troubleshooting FAQ.
  2. I've gone through that and none of that information helps me.

    I got the bios to boot and the display comes on, in the bios it sees my hard drive and I can attempt to boot. At some point it fails resets and tries again. I even attempted safe mode and it hangs right after a agp sys file. This made me think maybe I need to just wipe and fresh install XP. Problem is there is only 1 IDE plug on the board. If the hard drive is plugged in alone it sees the hard drive. If I plug in my dvd drive and then the hard drive with the 1 IDE cable it doesn't see either of them.
  3. Why didn't you just leave your HP Compaq alone and just buy a new sata drive for the other computer. You took one problem and created another.

    In order to properly use your "Old" IDE hard drive you need to do a clean installation instead of trying to use the existing OS on that drive. Your problem is that when your os is starting, it's trying to load drivers that are wrong for the motherboard that you now have it plugged into.

    If you're using one Ide cable, make sure oyur hard drive is master and your cdrom is set to slave. Boot with your Xp cd and format the drive, then install your os. This way you have a clean os with clean drivers for your motherboard.
  4. That is what I ended up being able to do and it worked. I changed my HP because I wanted more power and didn't want to buy everything. Since my parents computer was lacking (old build from a few years) I just took their hard drive and dvd-rom and put it into the compaq. I wasn't planning on doing this but I ended doing it to help them out.
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