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O.K. so my system is pretty old but keep in mind I don't play that many PC games. When I do play them they are usually like a year old. I just got a new HD monitor so the native resolution is 1920x1080. This of course kills my old system trying to play a game like Bioshock at native. I had been running twin 7900GS until one crapped out. Now I'm down to a single. What would you suggest for a budget of $50-$75 to be able to run Bioshock at a decent framerate with the setup below or is my processor just going to bottleneck anything decent? Would it be better to go SLI with 2 middle of the road cards or 1 single decent one? I don't play all the latest and greatest PC games so I need something cheap. Thanks for your help. =)

AMD Athlon 64 4000+ 2.47G
Mushkin 1GB RAM
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  1. It will be hard to track down at that price point but a used 8800gtx or a 8800gt/9800gt would do you well but not at max settings for most games but will be able to pull their weight at that res. As for ati a 4850/4870 would be your best bet if you are able to get any of those cards at that price point used. As for new forget it all you will be able to get would be a 9600gt or a 9800gt at most or a 4650/4670 4830 at most. Once you get your new card sell the 7900gs for some cheap ram so that you can have a bit more meat to your system.
  2. Hey,

    The best card you can get for around $65 is an ATI Radeon 4670. (I wouldn't want to spend more than this on your old system anyhow.)

    Tom's Best cards for the money article:

    If you wanted more power than a 4670 you can find 9800GTs on sale for $79 after MIR.

    If I were you, I would get a 4670 or the cheaper 4650, along with another gig of ram for the computer if you can find it cheap or used.
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