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what do I need to use microphone with X-fi Xtream Audio pcie
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  1. You might need to be a bit more specific. I presume you've a mic with a 3.5mm jack on the end (ie a headset) and you've plugged it into the socket at the front panel/back of your sound card. What version of windows are you using? You might need to double click on the little speaker icon in the bottom right and click on Options, then Properties, then select Recording (make sure the mic box is ticked)and click ok. It should pop up with your input devices, select microphone and it should work. In order to hear yourself though, you'll need to double click the speaker icon again and untick the box under microphone, but have this down low to begin with or you might get a load of feed back if you're close to your speakers
  2. I will be more specific. There is no more pink input socket for the microphone. The cost of the card is near $50.00. Creative labs says you need a special cable to use the i/o port for the microphone. I looked at the cost of a flexijack and it costs way more then the cost of thje card.
    When I went to a computor store (They sell creative labs products) and they had no idea about what toslink to mini tosklink to use.
  3. what is the cable and where do I get it?
  4. can you use this card with windows 7 by any chance?
  5. The ExtremeAudio...*shiver*

    For those who don't know, the ExtremeAudio is a cripple, with shoddy drivers, and requires the FlexiJack to handle most of the IO because for whatever reason, Creative decided to NOT put the output ports on the card itself. I wouldn't buy this card for $20; its THAT bad. At least the ExtremeGamer (which sells for about $50) is functional, even if it is obsolete. I'm actually shocked the FlexiJack wasn't included in the purchase...
  6. Cannot select Micropone as default device in Xtreme Audio PCI Express
    Xfi Xtreme Audio PCIe shows microphone as not plugged in

    Here is what worked for me with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

    Un Install ALL Creative Software regarding sound cards
    using Programs and Features.
    Install THIS Driver XFXA_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0000.
    For Windows 7 Only
    Reboot then go into Device manager select
    Xtreme Audio PCIe and allow windows to
    Update the drivers.
    The result is Flex Jack will then appear in
    Creative Audio Control Panel. Select Microphone.
    or LIne in whichever you want active.

    Next: Go into recording devices and select the
    Microphone / properties / Listen / put a check in
    the box next to listen to this device "if" you
    want to hear what you speak into the mic come
    thru your speakers or headphones.
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