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I am a gamer. I have 1x 2gb DDR2 800 memory. I got four questions about memory. My system specs can be seen in signature.

I want to know if a 1x 2gb DDR3 1066 memory is going to make a very visible difference in refresh times of Windows menus, game maps etc.

1. Even with current specs, and an x64 XP OS (much faster than the 32 bit), the menus/folders take a second to open up (sometimes more). So the question is, is this a memory problem? I mean, would it make a big difference with DDR3 1066 2gb stick instead of the current DDR2 800 2gb stick?

2. My E7500 has an FSB of 1066. But my new ASRock G41C-VS motherboard supports DDR2 and DDR3 (upto 1333) both. But I understand, and as is written in its manual, a memory of 1333 FSB would be only able to run at 1066 FSB. So is it a rule, that a memory can be run no faster than the FSB of the CPU on the motherboard?

3. Anybody out there who had the same specs and did the same thing, and found a big difference? Or the difference wasn't even noticeable/ hardly noticeable?

4. Should one have an i7 only for the DDR3 memory (may be for full utilization), like I read here somewhere? (I don't think so.)


Sapphire 4870/512
1024 x 768
DDR2 2GB @ 800
Windows x64
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    1_No,DDR2 doesn't have a noticeable difference with DDR3,also the speeds don't effect the performance either.The reason that it takes sometimes to open is because of your HDD
    2_No,it depends on the motherboard specs,on some motherboards you can run a RAM faster than CPU speeds
    3_Already answered in 1
    4_I don't exactly get it.
    All i7 CPUs require DDR3 memories if that's what you are asking
  2. ^+1, what he said pretty much.

    For Q4, the main point of the i7 was faster CPU speed than the Core 2 Quad, and not to fully utilise DDR3 memory. In all honesty, DDR3 1333 MHz isn't noticeably faster than DDR3 1866 MHz for example.

    Slow loading times may also be due to the HDD.
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