Problems with Radeon 5700 and driver update

I updated my drivers for my 5700 series Radeon last night and ran into a few minor issues. The first was that the display was no longer scaling properly on my 32" LG (I don't use a monitor), and the image was not as sharp as it was. I sorted the scaling out and left it at that. After turning my computer on again this morning I left it running, and then after a few hours came back to find that my TV had lost the signal from the card.

One hard reset later, and I simply couldn't get an image up after windows vista had begun to load (I got as far as the moving bar, and then after than, the signal cuts out).

Thus far I have only been able to boot in safe mode. Attempts at running the catalyst install suite have all resulted in the same error- "Unable to load detection driver". A quick sweep of the internet suggests that I should try and install the C++ package, but any ettmpt to do that results in an error message saying that the windwis installer service could not be accessed. I don't know if this is related, but I can't run windows update either.

I've tried running a program that's supposed to uninstall all ATi software (
but that's not helped much.

So in short, I'm stumped. The only solution I've found requires a solution also! If anyone has any ideas that will save me a full reinstall of windows vista 64 ultimate (I've had to reinstall it once already, and I already have the windows 7 upgrade on order, so I don't want my lisence key revoked!) would be appreciated.

Oh, and I've tried going back into windows in normal mode after running the uninstaller- no joy. safe mode is still the only thing that works.

If you need any further information, please let me know. Thanks!
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  1. To eliminate your TV as a potential cause, have you tried using another display with the card? At the very least, if it works there, you could reset the system for another go at the TV.
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