Is safe? how accurate is their test?

that was my list thing, in the box it said i require matching pairs, but in the list of memory to buy, it shows 2x3 (6gb's) as compatible...

wtf? i am @ 4 gbs now (4 1gb sticks) of samsung dell factory stuff....and want to upgrade to 6 or 8gb's....i know i have memory also says "10600".....i just wanna know what i buy will be sure to work....i only use my cpu for gaming really, on Starcraft

core i7 920
vista 64
4gb ram

also i see things on the site that say "7-7-7-24" and "8-8-8-24"
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  1. You can use another 2GB/4GB in your system so it will run at dual channel mode,however make sure that you pick a RAM with 1.65v or lower.
    Also i don't think you'll benefit from either 6GB or 8GB in SC2,because it should run completely fine with 4GB RAM.
  2. If you have a Core i7 920 it requires triple channel memory (3 -or multiples of 3- sticks of the same ram) to work at optimum speeds. It can run dual channel (2-or multiples of 2-stick of the same thing) but will not have maximum performance.

    3x2GB sticks of ram is what you should be looking at, regardless of whether SC2 takes advantage of all 6GB, so you get the benefits of triple channel memory.

    the 7-7-7 and 8-8-8 numbers are timings, the lower they are the faster the memory works. if the same price go lower, if not go with the cheaper ones, it doesn't make a huge amount of difference.

    This is an excellent set of memory and a good value.

    These Crucials (since you were on their site) are also excellent, and a bit cheaper (if somewhat slower)
  3. To answer your question, Crucial (Micron) is fine. They're a major memory maker and I've never had any issues with any of their products.
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