Sata drivers for xp maxtor

can u pls help me in in a desperate need of the sata drivers for an xp sp3 install on a maxtor 250 hdd if any 1 knows where i can find them pls tell me. i dont have a flopy drive or disk to go along with the hdd so i need a special xp disk and therfore i need the sata drivers Thx.
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  1. The drivers are not for the HDD, they are for the motherboard's SATA ports. Windows XP came out before SATA existed, so it doesn't know what those funny little ports on the motherboard are, and just ignores them.

    If the maker of your motherboard does not have SATA drivers for installing XP, then you will not be able to install XP on your system. Almost any computer made within the last 3-4 years would fit that description. Be prepared for the possibility of falling into this category.
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