Getting more case fans, plug into psu or mobo? and fan configuration

Ok, I am going to buy a couple fans this weekend for my case, a Cooler Master HAF 922 ATX Mid Tower Case, the case came with two 200mm, one on top pushing air out and the other pulling air onto my hard drive bays, and then one 120mm on the rear also pushing air. i was wondering if:

1. I should change the configuration of the currents fans
2. plug the fans into the psu or motherboard/controller? what are some cons/pros of either?

As for getting more fans, should I stick with more smaller fans or fewer bigger fans?

I know I'm asking a lot here, don't feel obligated to answer all of them. I do appreciate any help I can get on this! :)
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  1. 1. i wouldn't
    2.via molex, looks cleaner, and i don't beleve their PWM controlled anyways so you don't really lose anything

    i would stick with larger fans personally
  2. alright, what would you consider larger then? about 200mm?
  3. 120+ is what i consider large, i would get 140 or 200MM fans depending on how big you can get
  4. The case fans are for moving air through the case so that the inside temp of the case can stay cool and the fans on the devices can have cllo fresh air to blow onto the heatsinks to cool the devices. A usual configuration id to have the front fan blowing in and the rear and top fan blowing out. If you want to add a fan then you can add one on the side panel blowing air in. So that would give you two in and two out.
    The side panel can accomodate two 120mm or one200mm and then there's the bottom of the case where you can put a fan also , but usually there are too many cables in the way of a bottom fan.
    you should have the fans attached to a fan controller so that you have control of them and also control of the noise level. Since you have a 120mm and two 200mm then you can add a 120mm to have an equal amount of sizes of fans. If you put a fan controller then you could put a larger 200mm fan in the side panel since you would have control of it and have the same amount of air going in as going ut.
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