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i have a dell inspiration 1525 notebook i want to upgrade my graphics is their any option for me??
please tell - ankur007k@rediffmail.com
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  1. Laptops have the GPU integrated into the main board or on a small daughter board. If you need better graphics your best bet is to sell the laptop and purchase one with the graphics you need. I always recommend getting a laptop with some sort of dedicated graphics if there is any possibility of you using it for games or anything graphical.

    A few years ago they did make an external adapter that used your PC card, but had poor performance. I think it was about $400 for the equivalent of a $50 video card in a PC. (or something in that ballpark)
  2. There are notebooks made which are sold by boutique shops that you can upgrade some of the components such as video but not from Dell.
  3. Easy option, get a new laptop. Super Duper hard option, replace your laptop motherboard with a compatible model that has a better GPU, if possible, as well as the appropriate cooling system. Laptop mods are not for the squeamish, impatient, or those that don't have a steady hand with a soldering iron :D.
  4. There a couple external cards but they are exceedingly expensive and not very good.
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