Benchmarks for 5870 and 5850

I have been using this site for years on an doff whenever I need to upgrade I come here.
Let metell you guys that you are loosing it, why?
Because if you try find benchmark for 5870 or 580 fairly hot cards today right agree? I can not go to Graphics and pick 1920x1200 and find ANY of those cards on the lsit I mean come on who the hell is running this site nowadays? SO guys shape it up andget your stuff together again please.
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  1. At the top of this forum is a sticky with reviews of those cards.
  2. Good call, wonder if itll be 4 months before fermi hits the list as well, especailly this is bad now because of the recent holidays, when people are really looking,1636.html
    They do have the later card, the 5970 tho, but not the earlier cards, bad move,Marque_fbrandx4,1636.html
    Maybe they dont exist?
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