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I overclocked my i5-2500k to 4.2 GHz stable with temps at 73 degrees Celsius under full load. I know if i backed down the voltage a tad it would help with temps but my bios only allows me to raise the vcore :/ please help!
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  1. oddly enough, I would help you, but I have an i3-2120 sadly. So i never got to touch any of the overclocking functions yet. Are you doing this by software or by bios
  2. By bios, i have tried to lower the Vcore settings via the O.N.E. Menu, but the only options are, in order, Auto, SPEC Voltage, +0.012 and it climbs :/ i really need to lower the voltage but i cant figure out how
  3. I know the OS software "Toverclocker" has a voltage change option in it. havent really checked bios in awhile.
  4. It does have the voltage change option but every time i try to lower it, it jumps back up or doesnt lower at all. The product is starting to disappoint me
  5. then you probably have voltage to auto somewhere, you are going to have to turn it off probably
  6. i did turn it off auto, its on SPEC voltage and it wont let me lower past 1.296 volts
  7. is your pll overide on?
  8. PLL override is off, there is still no offset option
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    the most someone has tried during his overclocking experience with the board.

    as for me im stumped
  10. Thanks for the help mate. I have tried twice to contact Tech support at biostar only to find an email they sent me before with a phone number, the best i can do now is wait for a response via email or call them :/
  11. I FIXED IT!! :D i used the Bios Updater Suite in one last attempt before calling it a night and it gave me offset options such as -0.024 v and downwards, now i can do a proper overclock! :)
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