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I was bought a copy of microsoft flight sim deluxe and my graphics card 6600gt just about coped. Since then the card has gone pop, so I reverted back to the original card supplied with my system, ATI Radeon x600se 256mb, This card does not hack it, picture breaks up in cockpit view. What card would you recommend. I have pentium 4 650 with 2 GB memory and windows XP Home.


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  1. Hi JT,

    Most graphic cards available today would handle flight simulator on high settings, but you would probably get the best bang for your buck with a ATI 4650($50) or a ATI 4670 ($65) Anything more powerful would likely be bottlenecked too much by your older processor.

    If you want to spend less, an ATI 4350($35) or 4550 would also provide good performance in that game, but wouldn't perform as well on new games. is the best place to buy graphic cards--its prices will be half what you find in stores.

    Before you purchase you need to look and see if your computer has a PCI express x 16 slot or the older AGP graphics slot. This will make a big difference in what you can get.
  2. ^+1
    just like deadlockedworld said... :)
  3. If FSX is the only game you play then I will cast my vote for the HD 4670 as well.

    FSX is more CPU bound so if you want to see an increase in performance, then you need to upgrade to a newer CPU. However, this is beyond the scope of your question...
  4. Quote:
    FSX is one of the most demandin games on the market, HD 4600 series and lower wont have a chance. HD 4870 or better. GTX 200 series or AT 5 series should do good cause seriously dude. Its hell of a demanding game

    It is CPU dependent.
  5. If the 6600GT "coped" then almost any newer card would be vastly more powerful. It wouldnt really be worth it to put a more expensive card than a 4670 that in a Pentium 4.
  6. GT240=9600GT!
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