How can I totally remove My Net work places

I want to remove My net work places and start all over again fresh. The net work I want to remove is on my hp pavilion... The story is I have 3 pc's on a 4 port router. 2 of the pc's are dells and they can see and talk to each other. Now here come the rest of the story...the 3rd is a hp which can see and talk to the dells, but the dells cannot see the hp, when the dell try to log on they get a "no permission" sign and that stops the communication. So I am thinking there is something wrong with the hp system. I have tried everything and nothing is I want to totally remove the net working system on the hp and start anew. So I want a new clean slate and reinstall Net work. Is this possible???
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  1. is the workgroup name of the computers the same?
  2. No, the workgroup is MSHOME and computers name is HP MARVY
  3. give all computers the same workgroup name
  4. they all have the same name....MSHOME
  5. do the user accounts have a password?
  6. No none of my pc's have password....when ever I put on system I never put on a password because when I log on I do want to put in a password....I do not enter anything..just blank
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