$1500 Video/Gaming Rig Help Me Please


SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Video Transcoding alot of video upscaling from avi/mp4 to dvd/vob, Rts/Fps type gaming, some photo and video editing.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: no preferable website have only used newegg.com before COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Texas, USA

PARTS PREFERENCES: no parts preference just what you guys deem fit. ive been stressing over this for 2 weeks unable to make a decision ok well i was looking at core i7 920 and a 5870

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: just looking for tomshardware gurus to help me out a bit
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  1. i can keep the stock hsf for overclocking, looks awesome what about these change on the case and mobo
  2. You really dont need the supercomputer mobo. You would be better off getting a gigabyte or evga x58 motherboard. It would shave about 100 dollars off your price. And if your going to be encoding alot of video i suggest a good cpu cooler like the corsair H50 so you can overclock a bit and encode and compress video faster. The gpu and case is fine. Also if you can put more memory in the better.
  3. HAF 922 is fine, though its true you dont need the supercomputer mobo.

    Basically the reason i suggested the P6X58D premium mobo is because it supports SATA 3/USB 3(and has excellent overall quality)
  4. Moreover, the WD caviar black i recommended is only 10$ more than the hitachi one,but it has 5 years warranty. Plus i really trust WD, they make very good HDDs

    Oh,and get a scythe mugen 2 if you want to OC, it will help without raising the cost significantly.
  5. ok so apparently i can buy this rig http://www.gateway.com/systems/product/529668285.php from a local computer store for $1150 should i jump in. or what im lost this rig seems awesome ok there is one downside to me i guess its a downside. the unit is refurbished. some1 help i dont want to be jipped or miss out on a great opportunity

    or this would be my finalized build spending $250 less because im simply not going to have it anymore
  6. Both options have their downside:

    The newegg build has an open box mobo(i dont really know what are the dangers of getting one, but noone in their right minds would sell a perfect product for -50$)

    The other rig you suggest is very good for 1150$(although it doesnt have a next-gen DX11 card) because 950 +9gb of ram will boost significantly your encoding business. However are some probs:

    1) Mobo is described only as:
    Motherboard Systemboard with Intel® X58 Chipset

    Well, thats not very informative, is it?

    2)Power Supply 750W Power Supply

    Non- brand PSU are highly not recomended because they may kill your whole pc when they "go down" after a power surge.

    If possible,ask for more specs on the things above
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