DVD Player issues

Model: RCA: RTD615i
I'm having troubles with this player.

The speaker system works. I can hear audio when I turn on the surround sound while playing a DVD. The video output is distorted so while I may hear the sound from the DVD, it'll often show random colours and a repeated image on the screen. The auxiliary audio input is also odd, every time I switch to it there is a loud buzzing coming from the speakers. The motherboard has been abused a little.

The DVD player without its cover.
A profile of the motherboard.

I don't know where to start. I'm absolutely stumped at this point. I hooked everything up properly and tested from multiple TVs and inputs, it's definitely the motherboard.

Help please, I'll be eternally grateful : )
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  1. Short of cleaning the DVD device itself (you can purchase a cleaning DVD at most electronics stores) there is much you can do. It may be time to buy a new DVD player.

    Verify that all of your connections are good. Clean the DVD device and then determine if you need to buy a new one or not.

    Good luck!!!
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