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trying to get this zotac gtx 560 to a 1ghz core overclock, its 820mhz stock, i cant get it stable past 900mhz, it crashes in games/benchmarking apps. ive tried upping the voltage and even at 1.1v it wont pull through? the max is 1.15v should i try that voltage setting? many websites have gotten their cards up into the 900-1000+ range but i cant get mine past 900mhz core clock. any tips?
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  1. you could def try adding more voltage...the only way you can really hurt your card is if you put an insane amount of voltage through it and let it over heat...I would try to add a little more voltage and see if that helps...but if not you just may have a not so good overclocking happens not all cards can reach insane speeds due to minor differences in the manufacturing
  2. ok im going to try 1000/2000/2250 @ 1.15 volts ill monitor temps and make sure they dont go above 80 C
  3. crashed at those settings
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    What i would do is to set it at stock and slowly walk it up with clock speeds and voltage. First find the highest stable clock speed at stock voltage, then the highest mem clock speed at stock voltage, then raise each up by intervals of ten until it crashes. Then raise the Voltage up until it stops crashing. Then continue moving up clock speeds and voltage until you find a good setting. but REMEMBER, higher voltage= higher temperatures
  5. i settled at 900/1800/2200 @ 1.1 volts max temps dont go past 65 celcius on skyrim/gta4/other games
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