Temp range for i5-2500k at 4.5GHz?

Im running at 4.2 GHz right now with 71 degrees max in the third core under load (do keep in mind while playing a game, the cpu only reaches about 60-65% load). With that in mind, what do you think would be reasonable temps for a 4.5 GHz OC? in most games it reaches 56 max, the highest i have seen it was 61.
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  1. 71 degrees is pretty high, what's your vCore and what cooler are you using? I was getting up to 61C max at 4.5GHz on full load (prime95).
  2. my vcore is at -0.024 mv and my cooler is the same as yours friend ;)
  3. I mean, what voltage is your CPU running at? Mine is at 1.33V.

    Is your heat sink installed correctly? With the thermal paste applied well? What's the temperature like in your case (do you have 1 or 2 graphics cards with aftermarket coolers on them?). Have you got adequate air flow?

    When I put in my second 7870 I noticed temps increase a lot, mainly because the case's ambient temperature also increased significantly.
  4. mine is at a constant 1.272 volts, i installed the heatsink the other day with plenty of thermal pasting, the case temps are pretty cool, and i do have 2 25 cm fans on the side of my case. I do have an MSI Twin Frozr III HD 7950 installed.
  5. With thermal paste, more is not better. You basically want the minimum amount possible that will spread out over the whole surface and fill the micro-cracks.

    I'd suggest redoing it.

    Although the other thing is it depends on which TIM you used. For example Arctic Silver 5 can take up to 100 hours to set, which can drop temps 5 to 10C.
  6. Quote:
    those temps are the max temps @ 4.5GHz and not 4.2GHz.
    @ 4.2GHz I never came over 67C..

    Even at 4.5, I'm at 64C on the warmest core, myself. Man, I love the 212 Evo, but I'm guessing that my case airflow and ambient temp (73F) is better than the OP's (although push/pull does help a bit, anyway). My load voltage is the same 1.272V, though.

    I'm with wolfram23 on this one. I think redoing the thermal paste might be a good idea. My method of choice (and there are many people that have many different ways of doing it) is to just put a small "pea sized" dot in the center of the CPU heatspreader and just let the weight of the cooler spread it when you install it. I use AS5 and that's NOT the way they recommend to do it, but it just works and works well for me.
  7. Quote:
    :lol: from eralier today with the +3C difference from the TX3 and Hyper Evo...
    without knowing, we just verified that fact...


    :lol: You're right, and I didn't even realize it either...
  8. Okay, i lowerd Vcore voltage and now my max temp is on 3rd core at 61C Max. Do keep in mind the 212 Evo I am using is only in a push configuration. I plan to get 2 fans, one to make the 212 a Push-Pull and another to use at the reaer of the case to blow the hot air out. Thanks for all the help guys :)

    I plan on shooting for 4.5 GHz with around the same temps. Maybe higher once i get my AS5
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