Opinons on new Budget-Gaming PC.

Hey Guys,

I've been out of the PC market for a couple of years due to overwhelming school workloads and the time has come for myself to upgrade my slow 4 y.o. lappy.

Just wanted to get your thoughts and opinions on the following system (parts listed below).
I'm aiming to be able to play relatively new games on medium specs without lag, running as smooth as possible.

Any help/thoughts/opinions is most welcome and appreciated!


AMD Phenom II X4 630

Seagate SATA II 1TB Barracuda 7200

4GB Kit DDR3 1,333Mhz G.Skill-NT
[Exact Model Unknown]

Antec 300

1GB Geforce 9600GT
[Exact Model Unknown]

Pioneer DVR218L
[No Website]

Vantec ION2+ 600W

Logitech Illuminated

Razer Orochi

Benq G2220HD

Alex =]
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  1. What's your budget?

    Do you plan to play games at max image quality at 1920x1080?

    Do you have keyb/mouse/OS?

    Lag is the wrong word if you mean single player cuz there's no network needed. Stutter is the right word. Lag only exists in online gaming. Always will. Cuz the north american ISPs are too busy milking the customers to the bone whereas the eastern countries are spending millions after millions on building the future.
  2. Right. That makes perfect sense, thank you for your reply!

    Okay, first off, I'll let you know I'm not from the States. I'm from Australia. As such my budget is $AUD1200 (approximately $US1100).

    As for the image quality, it would be nice to play it at the maximum but I'm slightly indifferent; as long as it is a minimum of about 1280x1024.

    The keyboard will be a Logitech Illuminated.

    The mouse will be a Razer Orochi.
    *A note with the mouse: I chose this one as I prefer smaller mice. With this one it also means I am able to switch from cable use on this budget PC and switch to bluetooth use on my laptops when I need to on the go.

    The OS will be Windows 7.

    To rephrase, you are quite correct; shutter would be the right word! So yes, I don't want any shutter *lag*, per say (or shutter speed issues).

    Once again, thank you very much for your reply p55ibexpeak!
  3. Sure thing obsidian86!


    APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: This week if possible!

    BUDGET RANGE: $AUD1000-1200 (total price).......approximately $US900-1100

    SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: College work, lasting time, gaming, movies, etc.

    PARTS NOT REQUIRED: OS and speakers.


    COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Australia

    PARTS PREFERENCES: No preferences at all (other than my original ideas listed)



    MONITOR RESOLUTION: Would prefer the highest possible, but indifferent either way.

    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I want this PC to last me a while and still be relatively decent in a years time or so.

    That help obsidian86? =]
  4. ok your monitor,mouse,case and keyboard is good but i would go this way
    amd 620
    asus/gigabyte 770 board
    antec/ocz 500-600 watt psu
    samsug f3 1tb
    ati 5750/5770
    it should be right in your range
    maybe add cooler master hyper 212+ cpu cooler
  5. Thanks heaps for your ideas mate!

    Just out of simple curiosity, may I ask the reasoning behind your ideas?
  6. the amd 620 and 630 there aint much difference the 620 is cheaper and can overclock easily to higher speeds

    you are getting a graphics card the onboard graphics of the 785g board wont be needed the 770 doesn have on board graphics

    the samsung f3 1tb is a good price and the fastest 1tb drive on the market

    for future compatibility you want dx11 wich the new ati 5 series have the 9600gt is already almost 3 yrs old

    vantec is a crap powersupply the antec or ocz will be more reliable
  7. Beautiful. Thank you ever-so-much!
    I'll have a look a prices now and see what it comes up with =]
  8. Worked the price out. $1222 AUD. Looks brilliant. Going to get it now, thanks heaps!
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