Moving to 4.0GHz on Phenom II 850

Ok so I wanna push my overclock on my Phenom II X4 850 (propus) to the 4GHz range, im at 3.96Ghz at 1.515 voltage and highest temp was 56c under full load of prime on a hot day in my room its usually way lower than that.

I should stay in the 1.55v area right never above that?
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    Haha, I had I terrible CPU cooler for my Phenom II x6 1100T and it would always get into the 70c range :P
    I got the Frio OCK from Thermaltake and now I can OC to 3.7 ghz and it runs at 49c full load (with the fans at 950rpm (They can go up to 2400rpm)).
  2. mine runs in the 70's as well, but it's propus which seems okay at higher temps

    some people run em higher, closer to 1.7V... but if you want your chip to last any respectable ammount of time i wouldn't reccomend it
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