2nd computer to the internet.

I wanted to connect my 2nd computer to the internet.
i chose connect to domain figuring i can conect to my first cpu.
but i cant go online.

should i re-install win xp ?
it says no network card detected.
but i plugged in the ethernet & cordless mouse (which works fine).
its a home made computer so
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  1. have you thought about using a router?
  2. I'm using netgear 5 port hub which connects to a router.
    I used same set up w/ PS3 with no problems.
    i just re-installed winXP workgroup pro & stil cant connect online :(
  3. does the computer have a IP?
  4. Theres no IP address.
    Windows cudnt detect any wired network card on your machine.
  5. is the anything listed under Other Device in the Device Manager?
  6. Gigabyte GA-M55Plus-S3G
    ?Other devices
    ? Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus
    ? Other PCI Bridge Device
    ? SM Bus Controller
    ? Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
    Network adapters
    1394 Net Adapter
    download the correct Network card drivers by downloading the Motherboard driver package from
  7. I installed the new drivers & it works now!
    Thank you so much! I'm so happy now!!!
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