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Ok i am new to overclocking as i was meant to be building a pentium 4 3.2ghz test bed to have a play with overclocking which i never got around to i have hit the point were i need to overclock my spare machines cpu as it gets the same ammount of use as my main Rig i mainly wanto play racing games on this machine but most of the games i would like to play are a minumum spec of an e6600, would an e6300 be able to clock to a higher clock speed then an e6600 and play all the games i would like it to with the higher clock speed.

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86ghz stock
Ram: quad channel DDR2 4x 1gb 2x 333mhz 2x 265mhz
Motherboard: Foxxcon 965x7AA
Cooling: I am only running stock intel heatsink atm but i am willing to purchase a better heatsink of even possibly a corsair H100
PSU: Some random 500w psu i will be replacing and changing to a 450watt later as the current psu is making a grinding noise on the odd occasion but still works fine
Case: Full size case
HDD: 3x 160gb Sata HDD

If you guys could give me a step by step tutorial it would be much appreciated of even if you tell me how much i could overclock it with a new heatsink or an h100

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  1. Not many people are using cpus that old so a step by step tutorial would be hard to come by. With that cpu I think you are limited to overclocking if it's got a locked multiplier and you would have to use the FSB to gain some overclock. You will have to go into the bios and see if the multiplier is unlocked on the cpu.
  2. That chip is 266 FSB x 7x multiplier, and its a locked multiplier. Depending on the quality of Foxconn board, you may be able to raise the FSB to 300 or 333 Mhz resulting in an overclock of 2.33 Mhz. not too bad, but probably still not going to overcome your problem with modern games. You will also need to UNDERclock the RAM to compensate for the bus speed rising, which you can't really do with 667 and 533 mhz RAM in there... unless you could set it at 400mhz... Also you will need to raise the voltage of the CPU.

    All in all, you will not get much bang for the effort spent OCing. IMO. If yopu don't have those options on the BIOS, the board you have won't be very useful for OCing.
  3. Im pretty sure it has the overclocking support in the bios but i cant be sure
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