Unable to recognize the hitachi touro pro external hard disk


My ibm notebook model R60 installed with windows xp pro does not recognize my new 500GB hitachi touro pro external usb hardisk.

Do anyone has faced similar problem and how did you solve this problem.
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  1. Hello mvni2001,
    Welcome to Forums!

    1. Try to connect this HDD to another computer and see if it is detected
    2. Try to reseat the cable or even try another cable connecting your HDD to notebook
    3. Connect this HDD to a different USB port on your notebook.
    4. Does this HDD appear in BIOS
    5. Does this HDD appear in Disk Management (Right Click on Computer >> Manage >> Disk Management) - if it appears here, it should have a drive letter assigned (like D: or E: etc). If there's no letter assigned, you need to assign one.

    Hope something works out for you - Good luck and A Happy New Year!!!
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