Need help finding a bios update

I need help finding a bios update for my generic motherboard.
Also, would be nice to know if I could OC my Athlon II X4 630. (Not looking for extreme OC)

Motherboard information:

Type: Violet6

MFG: Pegatron Corporation

Bios MFG: American Megatrends inc.

Only reason I'm interested in updating bios is because every gpu I put into my computer has 50-60c at idle.
My airflow is decent and I changed the fan speeds on the cards, but I don't see much of a difference.

Examples: PNY 9800GT - Idle: 54c Load: 80c
XFX 5750 - Idle: 52c Load: 76c

Load temps seem normal, but idle seems extremely high, especially since there's no OC.

Any help/advice would be much appreciated; thanks in advance!
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  1. A bios update won't change your temps, just the readout. It is not worth the risk, even if you find a newer bios file. I would leave it alone if everything is stable. Temps can be inaccurate. Check your fans inside the case; look for an empty space if you want to add more. What monitoring program are you using while running windows?
  2. I'm currently using GPU-Z and ATI Catalyst 10-7.
    Both are within .5c of each other.

    Also, is there any way to check my cpu temp?
  3. Coretemp works ok with windows xp on many boards.
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