Fastest 1TB? 1.5TB? 2TB? internal hard drive HELP<===

HI guys,
I have been doing alot of reading and I know that for 1TB internal hard drive the SAMSUNG HD103SJ is consider by most the fastest.

But what about 1.5TB and 2TB? I can hardly find any information for which brand/company model or reliable sources to find which is the fastest 1.5TB AND 2TB.. Can anyone help fill in some information which model/brand produce fastest 1.5TB and 2TB?.. THANKS!!
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  1. Western Digital WD RE4 seems to be the best or very good in most test.

  2. You should be able to get a 1TB Velociraptor now. (fastest 1TB around, but I think there's a 1TB SSD too but thats a mental price)
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