Why does this cost less?

I am looking into building a computer and am going to buy a ATI RADEON HD 4870. So I was looking on some popular websites (Amazon, Newegg, Bestbuy, ex.) Anyway I looked on bestbuy.com and They have what appears to be a better videocard for less. Now that seems very suspicious considering that usually when something is better it costs more than something worse. (Even if it is on two different websites.) So I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a reason why this one costs less.




Thanks for the help.
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  1. The card on bestbuy is sold out. The 4870 is not being made anyone and some places are trying to empty their stock more than there's. I've come by several things at bestbuy that are cheaper than on Newegg. Just because Newegg is an online store doesn't mean they are always the cheapest. Bestbuy has had some really good deals on occasion.

    Don't complain, just get the cheaper one and be happy you spent less.

    The only difference is the newegg card is the 512MB version and the Bestbuy is the 1GB version.
  2. Ok thanks, Also It goes into and out of stock like every 4 days so it should be back in stock soon.
  3. The best buy one is not only a better price, it has twice the memory. However, ya can't lose money selling a card that you don't have in stock.
  4. Yeah, I wouldn't be looking an HD4870 at either of those prices. It's a generation old and has been replaced in ATIs lineup by the HD5770 which offers a number of advantages like much greater power efficiency, DX11 compatibility and 3 monitor support. That card BDD linked is a good choice.
  5. Newegg prices often fluctuates...sometimes when demand is high, they jack up the prices ridiculously higher than retail.
  6. It's not even that, just look at the selection for any card. Often you'll see a huge price spread with half of the cards being inexplicably expensive.
  7. wait until the 5xxx series cards are in full-circulation, then the prices of the 4xxx series cards will drop some more, maybe the 4870 will drop below $100.00
  8. The HD4870 is much more likely to disappear than drop below $100 so unless you are talking about buying used then no.
  9. The 512 is probably just an old price they failed to take down. I got my Xfx 1gb 4870 for $150 on newegg, and have seen some of the older looking ones going for as much as 190. Probably just a forgotten link.
  10. First of all the 5770 is 250$ more for a small amount of benifits. (Considering the fact I only use one monitor and could care less about DX 11.) Second of all its 1 generation old and considering the fact that many vendors still sell the 3*** series (including bestbuy) I dont think that this video card is going to disapear anytime soon.
  11. If the card doesn't even cost $250 how is it $250 more? Tell us sir, where you got a card for a negative sum.
  12. $250 more dollars??
    Why buy the older card when the price is the same(or higher), it uses much more power and can't support the latest DX? There's simply no reason to get an HD4870 at this point unless you find a great deal or you already have one and need another for crossfire.
    As for the HD3xxx the only new HD3850/3870 still on newegg is the AGP card.
  13. I think he must've meant the HD5870 but in that case the "a small amount of benifits" part doesn't make sense.
  14. Ya sorry I had a really bad headache when I wrote that... (I actually barely remember writing that to be completely honest.) Anyway after some painkillers and a nap I will now explain what I meant. What I meant was that since I don't use multiple monitors the fact that it has the capability to handle 3 monitors (as opposed to the 2 a HD 4870 can use.) is irrelevant. Secondly I don't care about dx 11 because I see very little difference between it and DX 10.1. Lastly I am aware of the fact that it runs games a lot better than the HD 4870, but there isn't a single game (including Crysis) that this video card can't run on max settings; Therefore, I see very little reason to pay the extra money for video card that can run the games still on full settings at my resolution. (1920x1080) And some may argue that it runs a higher frame rate but to be honest the 4870 can a large majority of games at about 45 fps which is more than enough.
  15. Also now that I look there are at your link jyjjy I see that you are right they are similarly priced videocards and the 5770 definitely outperforms the 4870 (mostly), but I still have a concern. First of all the 4870 has been out for a relatively long time as opposed to the 5770. Now since the 4870 has been out longer it has allowed ATI to modify and improve the drivers for it. The 5770 hasn't been out nearly as long as the 4870 and hasn't had that chance. So my question is how are the drivers on the 5*** series cards. (Or more specifically the 5770)
  16. Ya I have came to that conclusion yesterday. I thought that the 4870 would be better because the only video cards in the 5*** series I had seen or even heard of were 300 dollars or more. But since the 5770 costs 2 dollars more with the rebate I see no reason not to get the 5770.
  17. Will do
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