My Zotac GTX 670 4GB results and a few questions =]

Hi guys I'm new to the community so Hi :)

Can anyone help me with my questions with my overclocked rig?

My O/C results are below to see what you think and if my GPU is behaving normally.

CPU: i7 3770k on a Gigabyte UD5H Mobo (3.5GHz and 16GB RAM at 1333MHz)
Card Model: Zotac GTX 670 4GB
Boost Clock: 1182
Max Boost: 1280 (Kepler Boost of 105)
Memory Clock: 1802Mhz (In GPU-z. Dont know what this equates to can anybody tell me?)
Power Target: 132% (Slider)
Voltage: 1.175 (Slider)

3d Mark


Precision X


BF 3
For those who are interested this generates 60 - 100 FPS (average of about 70 - 75) on CQ maps with Extreme video settings @ 1920x1200

Now I have a few questions if I may:

Are my results "normal"?
Isn't my FPS in the Heaven screenshot a bit low?
Even though I have "Windows Start up" ticked in Precision X, each time i restart the PC, when I've booted again the voltage level in Precision X is back down to default and this means I have to go in manually and raise it each time. Does anyone else have this problem or know of a fix?
Is my memory clock speed actually 3604 Mhz because its double the 1802MMhz value shown in GPU-Z I.e. DDR?
In GPU-Z my memory size is 0MB and it should be 4096MB. Is this highlighting a problem?
In the Fan graph in EVGA Precision X where you can set the target temperature for the fan speed % I noticed mine is capped at 30% and 80% so in I can never manually set it to go down to 10% fan speed or higher than 80%. Will it go above and below these capped values with an automatic fan setting? does anyone know why this is and how I can fix it? I have checked the Precision X install directory for any .ini or .cfg settings but can't find anything =[
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  1. 1.yep's not that bad
    3.probably a glitch in the program, try updating to the latest, if not try contacting EVGA with the issues
    GDDR5 isn't double, it's quad, so 1802MHz=7208MHz effective
    make sure you have the latest GPU-Z, i've had issues with it reading incorrectly on older versions before
    strange, never heard of that before... i wouldn't go below 30% just encase it cant dissipate enough heat, but i don't know why there's an upper cap
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