My PQI HDD H550 won\'t recognized by any PC waht will i do to recover my data?

my PQI HDD H550 won't recognized by any PC what will i do to recover my data? i do all the things in the PC by looking on disk management but doesn't appear. and alreaedy used other adapter on my external hard drive, but it doesn't work too. the technician i asked , was trying to replace the PCb board on the hard disk , which is possible thats the main damaged or problem. is it possible that is the nice way to recover all my data there to replace the PCB board with the same model?


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  1. please help me....
  2. I had a Seagate which fired up and was causing a big problem. Yeah so I did replace the PCB and it did work and helped me recover all my DATA. But you need to find the identical revision of the PCB that is there on the present HDD.
    As long as you're sure there is no damage on the inside then it' should work.
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