Need a good SATA 6GBps PCIe card

As the title says.

I have a sata 2 mobo and I'm looking for a fast sata 3 PCIe card that provides full sata 3 speed.

I just want:
AHCI support
Full SATA3 speed
Budget 100€/130$

It can have only 1 port for all I care, no RAID, ... .

Please post your experiences and suggestions.
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  1. i to would like to be pointed in the right direction for a good sata3 card to add to my x58 motherboard
  2. So far I've tested my Samsung 830 256GB on 3 controllers.

    My mobo

    ASROCK sata3 PCIe card

    and friend's P67 mobo
  3. hmm well i dont wanna be changing motherboards cant afford it. i just want to get a good add on card for like the pci x1 slot or somthin
  4. Yeah, same here. Changing the mobo means new CPU and RAMs.

    Check the reviews.
  5. Thx!

    What about something with just awesome speed and no RAID?
  6. you will get the max speed with it!

    i have to mention that cable not included in the package!

    something like this:
  7. Hehe, thx. I think the cable I got with samsung ssd will do just fine.
  8. no you can not use it with that cind of raid controller!

    raid controllers using SFF-8087 which is you need to buy it!
    its a different kind of cable! :p

    look at it closely, and you will understand! :)
  9. Right :D:D. Thx for the second heads up!
  10. i found this i belive its a good company and affordable

    but there all seem to be slow wonder where i could find onne that will atleast let me take advantage of full speed on a corsair 3 gt 550read 525write without breaking the bank or buying a new board
  11. If you can find a review please post it here.
  12. winterlord! this HighPoint Rocket 620 uses PCI 2 1x which is up to 5gb/s

    the bandwidth is less than sata III (6gb/s)

    in raid 0 mode it will be like 2x 2,5Gb/s! wich is less than 2x sata II (3Gb/s) ! :)
  13. Just installed the HighPoint Rocket 620. The performance is good but the card causes my machine to hang at the end of the BIOS POST. I'm hearing that it has a conflict with the Intel ICH10 controller when the Intel controller is in RAID mode.

    I'm using it on an ASUS Maxmius IV Gene-Z and I can circumvent it by using the BIOS's boot menu (F8 key) to select the boot drive. I'm looking for a new card to replace it as this is really frustrating.
  14. check your firmware version and update it to latest firmware! :)


    please let me know if it fixed! :)
  15. and i have to say that HighPoint Rocket 620 is not true sata III its like marvell controllers uses 5gb/s or 500mb/s (PCI-Express 2.0 x1)

    I suggest you to RMA it if it's possible and buy a good raid controller if you can! ;)
  16. I agree with armand_h, get a real thing if you can.

    Is there another controller like the one you showed:

    Because in Europe it's 150€ which is a little expensive.
  17. yea i told him before about this chick! :D:D

    resonable price, good performance! is that not enough? :D
  18. Does it support AHCI?
  19. yes HighPoint RocketRAID 2720SGL supports AHCI!:)
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