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Hi all,
My Father-in-law's system keeps doing a memory dump. It is fine when he boots up and when he is running the system, the problem happens when he leaves his system for a while and it goes into standby mode. When he comes back and gives the mouse a shake the screen comes on and then goes black and does a memory dump and the system reboots itself. The system is then running fine again and the memory dump dont happen again into it goes in to standby mode and just keeps happening.

Just wanted to know if anyone knows why this is happening and how to stop it, is it a hardware or software problem.

Any help will be great.

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  1. Check the ram sticks,
    Take all the sticks out and try booting one stick in at a time, maybe one module has had enough of life,
    another thing he can do is disable the standby function :) but that may just shadow the actual issue imo
  2. ok thanks alot, is there any software like prime 95 or mem test that i can run to see any problems
  3. Memtest will test your ram one stick a time, but it only checks the first 64kb of the stick,
    I had an issue with the Gf's new build recently where memtest passed all the ram, but trying to boot them one at a time, pointed out the bad stick almost straight away
    Prime will just stress your cpu to 100% (for overclocking stability uses usually)
    if your having problems at 'normal' use, I'd say dont worry bout prime just yet, go with the ram checks as a start.
  4. Ok thankyou very much, you have been a great help.
  5. No probs man, happy to help
  6. create the problem again, Go into Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Event Viewer
    Check the logs there and it should give you an error code, google it and it'll tell you precisely where the problem is eg "0x#######"
    I'd be inclined to think it's not a problem with memory, rather a problem with the hard drive. When a computer goes into standby the computer dumps the memory onto the hard drive into a file, if this file was written over and he shut down the PC or turned it off or the computer had a problem at the time it would've incorrectly created this file and every time it goes to recreate it or overwrite it, it cannot, hence the error.
  7. ok thanks i will give that a try.
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