Is intel turbo boost safe?

Ive been wondering if intel turbo boost is safe? I used to turn it on when only playing games, but it seems that when heavily multitasking, the lappy gets slow, therefore i have it always running. Im just afraid that constant overclocking may damage the hardware...
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  1. It's totally fine. Running at high clock speeds doesn't have a significant impact on hardware. The conditions that do are high temperatures and, especially, high voltages. TB doesn't mess with the voltage, so that's fine, and you can check out your temperatures with MSI Afterburner and CoreTemp.
  2. Thanks that cleared out alot
  3. Yes, but this is a non-OCed laptop.
  4. ive got no idea what you guys are talking about, btw is it normal for my alienware m15x to have bluescreens when opening multiple tabs on chrome?
  5. No, it certainly is not. Are we talking about fifteen tabs, or do you mean any number greater than one?
    Download and run Memtest, which you can find at
    Is the laptop still under warranty? If Memtest doesn't find a problem, you should send it in.
  6. well, sometimes when i open up to 5 youtube tabs with videos loading, the lappy gets a bluescreen
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