[SOLVED]Something is shorting my new build, I think...

I'll just copy/paste the other thread I made, Im sorry I originally posted in the wrong section.

Hello this is my first build and im very confused..
Since this was my first time I wanted to make sure that all the pieces were compatible etc, so I built one of the recommended systems
in this thread: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/269162-31-recommended-builds-usage(I built the first one under Gamer). Nothing is overclocked or underclocked. I got every part listed there as is.

Much to my delight everything was running smoothly, I installed win7, played some tf2, watched a movie etc. I also installed all the updated drivers

All is good for one night until the next morning I wake up, hit power, the power LED flashes once and the fans do 1 weak spin and thats it.
After that one fan spin and led flash it wont turn on at all.
If I turn off the PSU and back on and hit power itll do the LED flash and the fan spin.

What can I do?
Any Ideas as to what is going on?

Thanks in advance.

I started removing parts then trying to boot to see what would happen.
Removed RAM and still same weak fan spin then dead.
Removed RAM AND Vid. Card. and a weak spin but now my mobo LEDs(power and reset) went off.
Now it wont even do a weak fan spin and the LEDs are out.

Did I just kill my mobo?

EDIT: It seems that if I wait 5 mins then retry to boot the mobo LEDs will flash and the fans will do an even weaker spin.
Maybe its the PSU?
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  1. The link to your build doesn't work. Verify that all power connectors are fully inserted. If that doesn't help, then make sure that the PSU works properly.

    You should read http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-read-posting-boot-problems for additional information.
  2. You should try to reset your CMOS chip settings. To do this you need to short two pins on your motherboard with either a jumper supplied on the motherboard or a flat head screwdriver. Make sure your system is turned OFF and unplugged from the wall before doing this procedure. Some people also remove the motherboard battery for a few hours (flat coin shaped battery) just to make sure the CMOS is reset. Please consult your user's manual for exact procedure.

    Then restart your computer. Good luck.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion dpaul, im currently away from home but ill be back tonight and try the CMOS stuff

    I will also pick up a new PSU tonight from bestbuy(making sure I can get a refund of course) to test it. This way i'll know 100%.

    Ill post updates tonight or tomorrow, if anybody else has a suggestion please dont hesitate to post.

    Once again, thanks a lot.
  4. Alright so I tried the CMOS. It didn't work.

    The mobo LEDs flashed once(i.e. mobo got electricity) then drowned out(i.e. power is cut off).

    I'm pretty sure its the mobo BUT this is my first build so I could be waaaaaay off...

    I'm gonna try a new PSU tomorrow morning(too late tonight) to know for sure. Ill keep this updated.
    Thanks for reading.
  5. Kloster,

    Remove the motherboard from the case. If you have to remove devices to do so, then add them in one by one after you've removed the board from the case. The reason for this suggestion is that sometimes the motherboard mounting studs can be causing the short.
  6. I did as you said T_T and it now boots perfectly hah! thanks.
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