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I am greatly considering buying a GTX 670 and adding it to my water cooling loop. I have looked around and I think the best thing for me to do would be to buy a universal cooling block for the card because I have some room constraints that don't really need to be discussed.

If anyone has some suggestions for universal water blocks I would greatly appreciate it if you shared :) Also I have read that I will need RaM heatsinks to put on the card as well but don't have any idea where I would find them. Thanks in advance!
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    Here are a couple of different designs of the UNI blocks.

    and the heatsink

    Seriously I would not get a GTX670 and waste my money cooling it, it is a cheap card and is not designed to be pushed hell it has problems at stock I would consider a little more research on the purchase before buying
    I just bought 2x 480’s and I can clock them to 1000MHz stability equals clock ability
    If you really want the 600 series get the 680’s they are a lot more stable and in my opinion you will be happier with the purchase good equipment is not cheap but the benefits are great.
    Here have a look at the rig I just built it is not a new rig with the latest and greatest hardware but it does run well and it as fast as I need it to be to run any game at 2048x1536 with maxed out settings.
  2. Thanks. that's why I am her at Toms is to do research and ask for opinions because I have faith in those who post on here.

    The reason I want to do this is because currently I have 2 Ati 5770's crossfired and their temps are getting much to high for my liking (around 80 - 90 celsius under load). The reason for this is because I did a pretty serious case mod and restricted air flow across my 5770's (I should've thought that through I know). I do quite a bit of high end gaming on my computer and I don't want to put continual stress on my gfx cards and risk something malfunctioning. I think my best option would be to add a liquid cooled card to my rig and remove the air cooled ones.

    Money really isn't an issue here either if a 680 with a uni block on it is simply a greater more rewarding product then that's what I will get. Thanks for your response and link to your rig toolmaker_03.
  3. Your welcome and no problem I came here for the same reasons.

    I have been water cooling for about 15 years and I do cool everything possible but I did not start out that way it was a little at a time until I worked up to this point. I have learned a lot here at toms and the people are helpful even with my stupid questions and ideas.
  4. At $400-$500, I'd hardly consider a GTX 670 a cheap card and will perform about 95% of the performance of what a 680 will do. A single 670 will perform about the same as my SLI GTX 560 ti's together. If you are going to go the route of either a 670 or 680, while you are spending the money, you might consider a full cover block. Otherwise, like you mentioned, you'll still need to ensure that all the VRMs, MOSFETs and vRAM is cooled. Please see the watercooling sticky for details on using a universal blocks and additional considerations.
  5. True The 670 is not a cheap card today, but given a couple of years they will be 100 to 200 dollar cards. The 680 are 600 to 700 and I would be surprised if in two years you could find them for less than 300, it is not the speed that you are paying for it’s the stability.

    ** edit That is why I paid 300 for 480's and they are old already, look at the price of the 470's in comparison today 100 to 200 cards **
  6. The air cooled cards take up two slots and when you take off the air cooler heatsink and add a full card water block you then have the full card cooled by the block.

    However when you remove the heatsink you will notice that the power connectors are stacked and the second DVI connector is on the side of the first one so it nakes it not possible for it to be a single slot solution so you wouldn't be saving any space by going with a universal gpu block and you would be better off with a full card block to get both gpu and ram covered by the block.
    The previous generation of cards had the power connectors in line and the same with the video connectors so you could get a single slot bracket and have a single slot card. Like this one;

    I have two of these and they each take up one slot.
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