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I have a Gateway FX6800-03h it has a TBGM01 motherboard with Intel x58 Chipset bios R01-B0 I have just installed two seagate 1tb drives that I set to Raid0 in the bios. I then installed Windows 7 Home premium on the raid drives. No problems all has gone well. But now when I go to Control Panel/Device Manager I have the yellow ! on Other devices...Raid Controller. Windows does not recognize it just says Raid controller/Manufactorer Unknown. I have searched the Gateway site for Raid Controllers with no luck. What drivers do I need?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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    Didn't see this post yesturday as I had replied to your post in the other thread for the Gateway FX6800 system. :)

    Here's the reply I had posted last night....


    Do not use drivers from the Gateway website.

    Instead, always get the newest drivers directly from the driver Manufacturers.

    In this case, you will need the newest Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver 9.​6.​0.​1014
    (used to be called Intel Storage Matrix Driver).
  2. Many thanks R_W you saved my bacon.
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  4. You're welcome :)

    The reason I say to always get your drivers straight from the driver manufacturers is because Gateway (Acer) is not very good at providing updated drivers for their systems. Even their support sucks big time.

    Good luck with your system.
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