SupremeFX X-FI

The problem I have is this: When I watch DVDs in Power DVD, it uses all 6 channels in DTS no problem. However, in any games I play, there is no surround option, only stereo

i have a supremeFX X-fi soundcard that came with my rampage II extreme mobo...when i plugged SPDIF into my LG dvd reciever with an LG 5.1 surround..and into my soundcard..the problem is that my pc isnt playing games and music on 5.1 only i think if i buy this thing: [...] 651ZEM.htm
will everything work on 5.1 system btw my pc is reading SPDIF as stereo..or i can simply do a software mod and everythin will work on 5.1 surround?
sry for bad english

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  1. link broken
  2. There are two threads going. I've answered in the othere one, here.
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