How much record time does 2GB sd card have

I bought a mini camcorder it comes with a 2gb sd card. how much record time does that give me? I dont want to open it yet if it's not worth the $50 sale price. there were only 2 left, so i bought it first reseach last. any help would be greatly appriecated.
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  1. That is totally depending on the quality of video recorded. Highest quality would be somewhere between 10 and 30min and medium around a hour.
  2. Maximum of 34minutes and 43 seconds if recorded at 7500Kbps 1080p.
  3. rolli59 is also right!

    But if you want to know yourself so it's too simple just turn to video mode and start recording it will show you automatically the remaining time left for video in one of the corner like this 1h:59m:59s whether you have a mobile or digital cam.
  4. But PO don't want to open the camcorder to see the remaining time :).
  5. Solution as always is a bigger SD card! Usually cameras and camcorders come bundled with storage that is just enough to get started!
  6. Also, be careful to check what type of SD card the camcorder support. SD, SDHC, SDXC and always format the card with the formatter provided by the SD alliance should you need to format it in a PC (do not use the format function in your OS).
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