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I just built a new rig, my first and very proud, thanks to all you people that screwed up so mine would work the first time I hit power and loaded windows.

I do have an older GTS250 512MB card that I was thinking of running sli with a 1GB version does that work, or do they need to be matched.
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  1. In order for SLI to work, both cards must have the same information in their RAMs. So if you SLI a 1GB with a 512MB card it will probably work, but you will get the performance of SLIing 2 512mb GTS 250 cards
  2. +1^
    "But what about the memory? Can you add a 7800GTX 512 and use that with 7800GTX 256?
    It's recommended to use a 7800GTX 256 with a 7800GTX 256 and 7800GTX 512 with 7800GTX 512.
    However you can use a 7800GTX 256 with 7800GTX 512 , BUT the 7800GTX 512 will lower its RAM to 256MB to operate with the other card, so it wont have its true power. (This option isn't recommended. )"
  3. Don't forget that the 512mb version of the GTS250 can also be SLi'd with a 9800GTX+ 512mb card but not a 1GB 9800GTX+.
  4. Yes i have wrote about that exception too,but OP seems to SLI his/her GTS 250 with another GTS 250 :)
  5. I thought I'd mention it just in case the OP wasn't aware of it.
  6. I know :),we had 2-3 threads about mixing a 9800GTX with GTS 250 recently
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