DDR2, or DDR3 and new motherboard?

So I have a PC, with this spec, homebuilt from a Barebone

550W Fatality
phenom x4 945
Asus m3n78-em
nvidia gt210
160gb hdd
1gb ddr2
antec 300

My problem is, with the mass increase of price in ddr2 memory to the same as ddr3, I don't know whether I should:
a) buy 4gb ddr2, or
b) Get a DDR3 compatible MB and 2/4gb of ddr3 memory

Obviously there is a cost issue with option B, but I want to know your opinion on what I should do, and what are the benefits of either of the options.

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  1. Since you only have 1 gig you might as well go for the gigabyte 770 chipset for about $70-80

    Then go DDR3

    It looks like the motherboard you have should be able to do AM3 CPU's without limiting the bus speed. (or at least it doesn't say that it will, like some of the nvidia chipset mobos from gigabyte)
    It also actually supports 140 watt CPU's which would mean you could even stick in the 965 Phenom II

    Which means you may be able to try riding out this socket on what you've got (or at least until USB 3.0, SATA 3, and PCI-E 3 all come out)

    Try to get some more RAM cheaply, like on eaby or something. You can squeak by with 3 gigs in 64 bit windows for games.
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