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Hi, 1st post..question, I game online only maybe MS Deluze flying..want best graphic card and processor upgrade for least outlay.have dell 22"5ms response time con 5000-1 ? amd Agena 2.20ghz 9500/9600 not sure pny Nvidia 1 gig 9800 gt?fan cooled 4 gig OCZ Fatality ram 1066 running Bigfoot K1 NIC 1-sata 250 hdd installed 3 fans/its a hurricane in there no cooling issues since fans install K9A2CF-F V.2 M/B my calculations point to a new dual core 7750BE (vs quad)..better for me to go new 512mb graphic card ? video editing no heaavy usage at all.gaming online Enemy Territory, current sys runs 90 FPS.(good as my P4 3.2 Northwood)do I gain more speed with BE upgrade and drop to 512mb newer card or stick with PNY 9800gt..maybe not worth price comp purchase not in budget..upgrade only..realize stuck with 1066 speed..its good want better for 200.00 or max 250.00 cash outlay have 450 good PSU..forget brand..but can install 550Antec I have..Comment some very bright people here, man getting an education for free..trying to stay with it..plz only can afford amd chance of Intel/I7 core stuff. well Thank U and maybe someday I can add something worthy of note to help others..if possible please use % on calculations understand that better than benchmark tests
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  1. If you want better games performance, get a better video card. The CPU you have is OK for games, not great, and getting a new one (but get a QUAD core, not a dual core) won't give you better frames, however, it will let you get a new graphics card that will get better frames. See, if you bought a new card now, it would be limited by the CPU. If you upgrade CPU, you can get mostly any card and not have limitations. By this, I mean the card will run as fast as it's supposed to. Don't worry about the RAM or its speed, you have 4 gigs, its great.

    For $200 I would get a 4890 or a GTX 260. Also, you should install the 550 antec.
  2. hello, maybe I have bad info, and misconception or mangled the interpretation of tech issues I read..(not at this foreum).I may be wrong on all counts here, but want it right for good install. Believe finally at right place not so much conflicting reports ect..find info on toms complete with less commercial clutter..So processor Agena 2.2 Quad I have want to swap for dual core 2.7 Kuma (thought 90.00 worth it) as I only game with system no other software loaded except Vista OS. I thought quad only using 2 cores max..gaming U dont need large cache..(this arguement I remember from 2.3 Nothwood and 3.2Prescott upgrade I did 512kb vs 1 mb)hyper transport memory all seem same for Agena and Kuma..thought I read cache really no difference in same specs faster processor..I thought the new 2.7 (maybe OC to 3.1 if I can 1st time try)coupled with a lower power consuming newer video card..have 1 gb PNY 9800gt downsize to 512mb higher newer specs would speed up system..I think a 512mb card would run 22" monitor not sure..I have 760 1280 set resolution..nice for me old intention of bigger monitors now or future 22 good for % how much would I gain performence wise ? 5 10 15 20 with new Kuma and any newer Video card ? talking 300.00 cash outlay for this only other thought was are hard drives involved in online gaming ? maybe spend for Sata 2 or Raid set up ? probably expensive undertaking and too ambitious for my present knowledge .. not familiar with hard drive interaction with gaming online..specifically want to boost online gaming aspect..K1 card NIC installed 333 cant get M1 in there card hits case so cant bump speed of that to am i overconcerned with power consuption issues non related to my predicament..install video card good 1 and thats about it ? forget dual core Kuma..was thinking resale factor..better bites with BE processor with quad backup..cant bite bullet now toss all this get new Biostar/Gig byte board DDR3 1333 1600,AM3 3.6 ect..think this would boost situation 25%..for 400.00..but 300.00 all I can spend now..max..have to boost current system..only paid 350.00 for 2.2 Agena system complete monitor OS speakers ram all of it 1 year ago shipped to my to keep up with others online 300.00 in upgrades not bad hit and total system cost is 650.00-700.00 ....last 2 more years I hope..all this to play 1 game..oh well.Many thank Us and appreciate the time spent on my issues..Cheers
  3. Hi, yes that is the game sorry didnot post M/B..K9CAF F V.2 I know only few processors will work..due to power requirement ? 95V 65 nm ..believe,,could be wrong on all but info on system i know..currently on train dont have info on hand..if cant get better results i will have to go new M/B processors and want 1333 or 1600 DDR3...probably 400.00-500.00,, well post more later when home thank U...
  4. Quote:
    Theres no such thing as a motherboard K9CAF F v.2

    There is also no such thing as a 95 volt processor. LOL

    It's hard to help someone when they have no idea what they have.

    95 volts! :o

    I hate to see the heat on that thing......

    Anyways, as zip said, there is no such thing as a 95 volt cpu. The microprocessor as we know them today ran at max 5v's.

    Todays cpus run at normal peak (well they run lower than this but they can be runn this high), 1.3 to 1.4 volts.
  5. Hi, well was posting on a train no papers with can get correct info out..(in future no posts unless info in hand) very sorry people ...I have a MSI K9A2CF- F.. Ver 2.0 M/B..2.2 Agena 9500 or 9600...IMO foolish to drop anything in socket less than 2.7 or higher..whatever model OCs the next venture..(C what happens there.. LOL).. as stated thought Kuma would perform better dual core..I am interested in maxing online gaming only..and yes did refer to MS FS Deluxe..removing it..other than that have a very clean uncluttered computer..for online games does nothing else..(have 4 computers)....anyway just found out that GPU works off system memory (have 1 gb PNY 9800GT) IMO robbing it of potential ram thay could be better utilized for system use...or sending out info faster..hence my thought to drop to new 512mb video card..still run 22" dell monitor good, giving more ram to other components that hopefully speed system up...dont know thats why am here..seems a waste to spend 300.00 in upgrades for 10% lift in performance...for 300.00 outlay 15 - 20 % great.. would upgrade do this...seems AMD is better suited for noob like me to play with OC too..Not a nut want every drop processing power..2/3 good enough for me..prefer stable stable no hiccups..well there U have it..Otherwise I ebay M/B and processor get AM3 board (like Biostar Gigbyte) best processor (fastest) use my 1066 OCZ ram for now upgrade ram to DDR3 1333 or 1600 within year..dont want this route but seems am stuck with lousy lousy all around with components i have now..aint crying spent 350.00 for complete system inc monitor OS Vista Prem..shipped to my door 7 months ago..good deal I thought for lucky..Ebay..well C what happens here,,flame me whatever.. have to tough it out..
  6. ET fanatic, reading your long posts is hard on the eyes without some carriage returns... please throw a few in for us :)

    You can pick up a new board and CPU for $150 that will crush what you have, and still make use out of your existing parts. Check out the Athlon x4 620, and then find a compatible motherboard for the CPU. Keep the 9800gt, it's good enough for low res that you mentioned. Please skip the RAID, it won't do anything for games and is not a good use of money.
  7. not used to posting
    1st time for everything
    sorry for incorrect format
    can do 2 things:
    1)forget ET
    2)get new build
    sell computer
    get what I want
    in 3 months
    Thanks for help
    final post
    the end
    Et fanatic
  8. Well from what I did attempt to read, he has a Phenom 9500/9600, it has the TLB error.
    He shouldn't go over a 4850/9800GTX, the gains would be disappointing, for single/dual threaded games a 4770 might even be bottlenecked.
  9. rec"d correct info
    close thread
    ET fanatic
  10. Ever heard of shorthand ? gamers speak ?
    Techies I consulted LOL over advice given TH
    did tweaking runs great now/good advice by techies
    Advised seek no info here
    conflicting anwsers/advice here
    suggest close thread
    deleting acct
    not returning
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