How i connect my laptop to my pc using bridge cable for data transfer

how can i connect my laptop to my desktop using bridge cable for data transfer
is any driver required
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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by bridge cable. I've done this before awhile back and connected two Windows XP machines together to transfer files. I did not need to download any additional drivers. I used a cross-connect cable. This is the same as a normat CAT5 network cable but the 8 wires inside are reversed so that to computers can communicate without the use of a switch.
  2. I think that bunty10612 means a usb to usb data transfer cable. I haven't used one myself, but I'd bet some kind of driver is necessary. Here's a link to such a device at
  3. ^sort of. The cables aren't exactly "reversed." There is an "A" pattern and a "B" pattern (Google is friendly). A normal ethernet cable uses the same pattern on each end. A crossover uses one "A" end and one "B" end.

    Edit: USB would be painfully slow. If you don't have the tools to make an Ethernet crossover cable, either find a local shop to make one for you ($20 for material+labor seems reasonable), or get a couple of normal cables and use a router or switch in the middle.

  4. ^WOW 20$(1000 INR) That's expensive according to things here, For 2$ (100 INR) I got 10Meters of Cable + The RJ45 Connectors + The crimping done and heat treated with the sealant or whatever they used.
    Yeah use a Crossover Lan Cable , connect the 2 rigs using their LAN cards and it's pretty simple and fast.... Simple is beautiful.
    USB ain't trustworthy, it might recognize the rigs once then on it gets really moody, and is slow no doubt about that.
  5. Many NICs will automatically detect a direct device to device link and switch into crossover mode. I would try plugging in a normal cable first and check if that works.
  6. If your referring to a USB to USB Bridge Cable, here is a good article on the subject:

    Here is my experience with these devices. I have owned two of them and they worked great for a while. However, both of them stopped working after a period of time so I gave up on them. I may have been just unlucky.

    Concerning the drivers, one came with a disk and the other had the driver built-in to the circuitry.
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