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Hey guys,

So, I have recently upgraded my old rig to a Q6600 core 2 quad CPU after reading about how it can be easily overcloaked.

I am pretty much new to overcloaking in general, but I do have a very solid knowledge with computers. After reading a few guides I managed to get my Q6600 to 3.2 GHz, had to mess with a few voltages but it works!

Now, I have a few question/issues however.

First and foremost, even though the CPU seems to be working, everytime I overcloak it "break" the RAM. What I mean is, I am using Prime95 for running tests, and if I run the CPU only tests it can run for hours with no error messages, however when I try running the blend test it always fails. My fourth core always fails on the first test right off the bat, and my third core sometimes fails after a few tests. What could be causing this? Could it be the ratio? I have my FSB set to 1600 MHz on my CPU and 800 MHz on my RAM, my RAM is supposed to run at 1066 MHz, but even at that the test fails, any ideas?

Second, what kind of temperatures should I be looking for? I have a HYper 212 air cooling on it, and if I run the CPU test only, under a full load my CPU reaches around 64 celsius, while on the blended test it hovers around 55. Are these considered ok temperatures? I noticed that with no overcloaking, the CPU only test makes my CPU run at 55-58 celsius, so we are looking at a 10 degree increase after the overcloaking.

My Specs are:

Intel Q6600 Core 2 Quad

Kingston HyperX T1 DDR2 1066
MHz http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820104098&Tpk=KHX8500D2T1K2%2f4G

ASUS P5N-D Motherboard

What do you guys recommend I do?
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  1. so what speed is your ram at right now? if you know for sure that your ram is the culprit you can adjust the ram ratio so that it runs at or near the stock speeds so you dont have to adjust the voltage to the ram
  2. My ram is running at 800 MHz right now, when it should be running at 1066 MHz. I have 1.8V going to it, manufacturer's specs. What ram ratio should I shoot for?
  3. if you go into your bios there should be a ram speed option and it should have different mhz values like at least 3...the low one is prolly 800mhz the choose the one that is closest to 1066mhz...also where are you getting the 800mhz speed from CPUZ? if so that speed is actually half the actual speed so it would be running at 1600mhz hence the double data rate in ddr
  4. No, I manually set the speed to 800 MHz on the BIOS, at 1066 it won't run as well, tried it. There is no drop down here, I set it to unlinked, so I can set the value to w.e. I want or I can set it to linked, which then it gives me a ratio, 3:2 and etc etc based on my CPU FSB which was set at 1600 Mhz.
  5. hmm this is odd then....maybe try upping the ram voltage a little and try running the ram a higher speed and see if its bc there isnt enough voltage if that dont work report back
  6. I have a Q6600 so i can give you my advice. Dont think you will be getting any higher than 3.8Ghz. If you are lucky, and i mean lucky you may be able to get to 4Ghz depending on your chip. My Q6600 wont stay stable after 3.44Ghz. I can boot anywhere from 1.8GHz to 3.54GHz however then i just get a blue screen after the windows boot logo shows.
  7. no lol his q6600 isnt stock at 1.8 he just lowered it do to there at one point or another....I used to have a q6600 it was my first "high-end" cpu...brings back fond memories lol.....to wonder44...it seems he isnt having stability issues with the OC on the chip but more of issues with the ram he cant get it above 800mhz stable
  8. Yes i understand. I now have my Q6600 running at 3.6ghz stable FINALLY yey :) with a volt of 1.47. My ram is fine at 800mhz. i have not adjusted my ram timings, voltage or speed. I only overclocked the cpu and i ran prime95 for 42 hours without any issues. I suggest you may try running the test with the ram at stock settings to see if that helps. and also overclocking ram will not give a substancial increase in performance from 800-1066mhz
  9. Also the reason i tried 1.8ghz was just solely out of curiosity and bordom, although for some odd reason i was getting more 20fps in gta iv at that speed which kinda freaked me out :/ And may i ask, is the Q6600 you are using the b3 or G0 revision?
  10. not me and probably not you I think he meant the OP...sadly I do not have my q6600 anymore
  11. original poster in this case raph662
  12. Yea sorry for the confusion i ment raph662
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