How to setup raid 0 in ssd

i use this mobo Gigabyte H61M-S2P-B3.i have kingston one sata 60gb 3gb/s and seagate 500gb data 3gb/s hdd.can i use my ssd only in raid 0 for fast performance
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    If you are trying to raid an SSD with a 500G desktop drive that would be unwise imho. The HD would slow down the SSD quite a bit. You would do better raiding 2 SSD's together being you already would lose the trim option in a raid 0 with the current SSD's.
  2. so u are telling me not to raid with a 500 hdd right
  3. That is correct. I would never recommend raiding a SSD with a normal HDD.

    Others may have different opinions though.
  4. IF you want to use raid 0 future you need at least two drive with the same capacity!

    so you can not use raid 0 with that drives! you have to buy another 60gb kingston SSD (same model) to do that! ;)
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  6. thanks for the answer..
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