What is Quadro, Tesla, Firmi, Kepler?

Can someone please explain to me the diference between Kepler, Quadro, Tesla, Firmi, GTX...wich card is for gamers, wich card is for workstations...wich card is hybrid....and why does workstation cards run games poorly?
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  1. Quadro video cars are for workstations that do 3D modeling and graphic art.
    Telsa is a processor developed by Nvidia and can be used for a variety of tasks and is mainly used in scientific calculations.
    Firmi is the GPU that is used on the previous generation of video cards and this one as well. A model number is associated with the Fermi gpu to designate where it will be used , high end or low end cards.
    The video card that would be for gamers is the Fermi based cards. When a video card is designed it can be designed for a specific purpose like the Telsa based cards are designed for scientific calculations and is used in supercomputers where you can have thousands of Telsa cores connected together to make ultra fast calculations on whatever the task is. Quadro cards are designed to display 3D modeling and complex rendering for graphic design. They are not designed to produce polygons and triangles at high speed to render a games graphics.
  2. Fermi is the architecture used in the gtx 4xx, 5xx and the early gtx 6xx models that are OEM only as well as some workstation cards. Kepler is the architecture used in the gtx 640, 670, 680, 690, 660m, 680m, and soon to come 650 and 660ti. Quadro is a workstation card for professional work, as well as Tesla I think.

    gaming wise, you essentially aim for Gtx ### model gpus where the 1st number represents family and generation, and the second represents how high in the family it is for that generation. last number is usually 0 and thats just to make the number look good.(onyl special occasions is when its #85)
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