Mobo upgrade with current hardware

Gonna keep it short and sweet.

Current (dead) mobo:

Board went out on me so I need a new one. Trying to keep this cost effective and just looking for mobo/cpu combos. Not interested in a big cpu, as anything is an upgrade to what I had. Just looking to see what suggestions you all have on a mobo that will allow me to use my current hardware i.e. video card, hdd and my 3 sticks of ddr2 RAM.

If I have to get ddr3 memory, then I can manage that but would like to keep all my other components.

Trying to keep price under $300 for mobo/pcu combo. If you need any other info, I can supply it.
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  1. If you live near a Microcenter you should drop in and pick up a cpu and mobo combo there. They have some of the best deals on those anywhere around most of the time.
  2. computer geeks has the biostar p4m890-m7 pci-e for $26.99 plus shippiing. It works with your ram and early e6xxx core2 duo cpus, such as the 1066 e6300 which is $70 at starmicro. If you want to upgrade, then sell your old ddr2 and go with ddr3. Newegg has an amd regor 260 cpu retail box with asus M4A785TD-M for $137.99. You can use ocz special ops edition 1600 2x2gb of ddr3 for $64.99 after rebate. So your total would be around $200 for this amd combo. I've used the regor 250, and it's plenty fast for your needs.
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