Computer doesn't boot after installing new AGP card

I just bought a new AGP PowerColor HD4670 card for my old PC, trying to get some more mileage from it. My old card was a Asus 6800GT.

I installed it and now nothing happens when I boot the PC, there's not even "beeps" coming out from the PC Speaker, which IIRC, it should happen if the PC doesn't recognize the card. All I get when I press the power button is the 3 lights from the keyboard blinking once. Monitor doesn't even turn on.

I doubt it's a PSU problem as I read my old 6800GT is actual needs more power (it even has 2 power plugs).

Any idea what the problem might be? Are there different "types" of AGP cards that my Motherboard might not accept?
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  1. Does it boot with the old AGP card?
  2. Yes it does boot with the old AGP card but for some reason I had to hard boot it 3 times before it worked. It's worked fine after that even after 4 reboots. Still no luck with the new one though.
  3. It's possible the new card is defective. Does your motherboard support AGP 8x?
  4. Yes it does. I'm experiencing some really odd stuff even with my old card now though. I switched back to the new one to see if it worked, when I switched back to the old one I had to reboot like 6 times before it would go into windows. It would just get stuck after post, in the HDD raid detection screen. Once it got to Windows but immediatly got a BSOD, after that BSOD it finally reached windows. It worked fine after that again. It's almost like the PC is "getting used" to the hardware. lol
  5. You should RMA the new card.
  6. I second the "new card is dead" idea. Do you have any other AGP cards? You could prove it if a 2nd thing works just fine.

    Also look at the contacts and the socket just in case anything had gone awry.
  7. The thing is, wouldn't the PC Speaker beep continuously if the card was defected?

    I just tried another PSU, same brand but more powerful, and I got the same result. Shame I don't know anyone with another AGP motherboard or I'd try that. Guess I'll just send it back to the store and ask for a new one.

    Anyway, you guys have any idea why It took a couple of boots for everything to work fine after going back to the old card?
  8. Besides looking at the contacts? no.

    And yeah, it should do that, but it isn't. You can take that to mean that the AGP card is dead or the mobo slot is somehow dead and can't handle that much more power/data or something and you can't upgrade the old comp.
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