Need help asap with new build please.

Will all of these parts right here work without any trouble? I have to order these parts within the next little bit for my brother, it's a big time budget pc but I think I found what I need but I want to make sure I can put it all together and have it work without needing to spend hours tweaking, does this list ok?

does this list look good? I can provide him a amd X2 4000+ and a radeon 2400HD, the rest of there parts are like 200$

case [...] 6811147116

HD [...] 6822136098

Motherboard [...] 6813186155

PSU [...] 6817171046

Ram [...] 6820148164

do you think that all of this will work out alright?

I am sorry to have 2 posts but I need a response asap.

Email me at VeXun11@gmail
or just respond here
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  1. None of your links work. You should also provide a complete description for each link.
  2. I'm sorry about that, those links were for items that wouldnt work anyway, can u help me pick out some items?" specificly a motherboard that can run 1066 memory?
  3. Why is 1066 memory important? DDR2-800 would be fine for an inexpensive build while providing about the same performance. I'll let other members more familiar with AMD based solutions recommend a motherboard. What's the purpose of the PC?
  4. Well I am building my brother a basic computer for desktop use, surfing the web, microsoft office and other things like that. The reason I want to know if its 1066 is because I am going to give him my 667 and put the 1066 in my motherboard I want to get. a motherboard that will support my X2 5600+ and support ddr2 1066.

    thanks for your response.
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