GTX 275 Clock?

Okay so My Evga GTX 275 has a clock speed of 1277Mhz. I overclocked it using the Precision tuning utility and then checked it with GPU-Z. I went to EVGA's website (which is finally up by now) and i checked the "effective" clock speed (whatever that means). it says that it's supposed to be at 2268 MHz even without overclocking. I don't even think that you can even overclock that high on the precision tuning utility. I know that the effective clock speed and how it's about the internal and the external clock and how it goes up and down and......all that other stuff. So im wondering, is it my card that's messed up or is it EVGA?
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  1. the 2268 Mhz is the rate of the memory
    the stock core is 633 Mhz
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