GA-MA785GM-US2H killing memory in 1 slot.


I have 2 sticks of 1GB Wintec Ampo memory in a Gigabyte GA-MA785_US2H motherboard.

Started to have problems with lock ups a few months after putting the system together paired with a Phenom II X2555 black edition.

Ran memtest failed with both sticks. Ran it again with each in slot 1. 1 passed 1 failed.

Rma'd the memory 2 weeks I get it back. Put it in and all is well until a few days later same thing.

Ran memtest with the same results. Sent an email back to Wintec that I was not a happy camper about being without my HTPC for 2 weeks again. That is all this pc is used for. Using onboard video also. All settings in bios set to auto except the cpu multiplier which is set to 18. CPU cooler is a Cooler Master Hyper TX3. The next one down from the 212.

I was told that it would be put on the priority list and they sent me shipping coverage this time around.

The 1st RMA they repaired the memory, this time around they are sending me new and that I would need to check the boards slot if it happens again.

We had a real hot July with a few days over 100 and very high humidity. The pc doesn't run all day only when watching movies and occasionally my kids will use it to load songs onto their iPods.

It is only 3 months old and how would someone other than a tech with the proper tools acomplish checking a motherboard memory slot.

How likely is a motherboard memory slot to kill memory chips. I've heard nothing but horror stories about RMAing gigabyte motherboards.

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  1. More likely that it is the RAM. Motherboard DIMM slots are pretty sturdy.
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