My tv doesnt connect to my laptop

i bought a vga with a 3.5 millimeter audio jack which i connected to my laptop and the other end to my jvc hd tv but the first problem i saw was that there was no audio 3.5 millimeter input just the vga and above that a red and white input for audio

i have an lg tv and my laptop works fine on it but when i try hooking it up to my jvc it wont work it say unusable signal

by the way my laptop is a sony vaio VGN model and its a year old but with 4 gigs of ram and i just want to stream vids and watch dowloaded vids
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  1. Unfortunately, unlike some phones, you usually can't video out from your laptop through the 3.5mm jack—which is usually designed for audio only (correct me if I'm missing something here). Why not just get a VGA cable to connect your laptop to the TV? You'll also need a cable with a 3.5mm plug in one end, the red-white RC connectors on the other.
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