Positioning a case fan for intake/exhuast

How do I position a fan for intake and exhaust? I know that you flip it to the other side, but what side is intake and what side is exhaust?

(Noob question, I know.)
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  1. Most fans will have arrows on the casing that show the rotation and direction of airflow.
    I've yet to see a fan where the "frame" side wasn't the exhaust.
  2. ^ that's the easiest way, or if it doesn't have that, careful inspection of the fan blades may show one side concave shaped. That side will be the exhaust. Or think of it like a scoop.
  3. Thank you.

    By "frame side," you mean the part where the fan is somewhat obstructed by the frame? Typically, the part with the sticker?
  4. You should always position fans for negative pressure to suck heat out, ie. more exhaust fans than intake. Fans normally have an orientation arrow on the casing.
  5. Yep, "frame side" means the side with the supporting pillars.
  6. ^+1
  7. Thank you. I got it.
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